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Sponsor a Horse

Sponsor one of our horses to help them change lives and make a positive impact for God's glory!



Cost of Bullet's Care: $540/month

Bullet is a sweet boy that has shown grit and resilience through the many challenges in his life. He teaches us to never give up, communicate our feelings, and keep our boundaries.
He loves peppermints and horse treats. Bullet was hit by a drunk driver years ago in a pasture before he came to Riverside Ranch. He has scars on each leg and severe arthritis from the accident. He later suffered a meniscus tear in 2022.
Bullet is unable to be ridden, but enjoys
horsemanship activities to help those with special needs and individuals walking through grief.


Cost of Bullet's Care: $520/month

Beau is a sweet, social boy that has a quirky personality. He loves running to meet you at the fence. He helps individuals with different abilities and those walking through grief in our Adaptive
Horsemanship Programs and Day Retreats. He
loves when he is used as a canvas for painting. He also loves a good roll in the mud!

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