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Hello Everyone and Happy Giving Tuesday!! I'm planning to start updating this blog every week. I want to share what is going on at the ranch and also what God has put on my heart.

Please pray for the ranch as God would continue to lead us in the way He desires. Sending a horse hug from Bullet and JaRule.

Did you know that every horse has a I am going to tell you the story of Bullet our pony. He is sweet, feisty, stubborn at times, very smart, and quite frankly has been through a lot in his 15 years of life.

About 4 years ago He was in his pasture one night and out of no where came a drunk driver that crashed into his pasture killing all of his pasture mates and injuring Bullet badly. Bullet was the only survivor that night and he had to heal in his stall for many months. He overcame but was left with scars on each leg.

Bullet's life growing up is unknown but we do know is he had many homes. He has lived through pain, trauma and lacked stability. Bullet was donated to Riverside Ranch as a free lease to us. I prayed to God for another horse so we could get JaRule to the ranch and start our Therapeutic Riding Program we needed 2 horses for our program and we had a very tight budget. God answered my prayer with Bullet very clearly.

Being a Therapeutic Riding Horse is not an easy job for a horse. You have to be able to handle a lot of things that most horses would not be ok with. Just to name a few is plastic rings flying over your head, squeals and lots of unexpected movement from our riders, horse leaders and being walking along side the ride during lesson, and light up balls bouncing off the horse back.

Horses are prey animals and their instinct is flight. It's takes a very special horse to be in a Therapeutic Riding Program.

I'll continue to tell more of Bullet's story so stay tuned....this guy continues to teach me a lot and we continue to learn together.


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